Press Release

2017-01-18Public Voting for “Best .hk Website Awards 2016” is Open Now!
2016-01-22Public Voting for “Best .hk Website Awards 2015” is Open!
2015-09-16HKDNR Launches Two-Factor Authentication Enhancing Security for .hk Domain Name Users
2015-08-29HKDNR’s media statement on .hk and .香港 Price Adjustment
2015-08-13HKIRC Survey Reveals the Current Status of the Sharing Economy in Hong Kong
2015-04-21HKIRC Announces Best .hk Website Awards 2014 Results
2015-02-04Online Public Voting for “Best .hk Website Awards 2014” Kicks Off
2015-01-20HKIRC Announces Launch of .hk WATCH Service
2014-11-20HKIRC rebrands successful award series to ‘Best .hk Website Awards 2014’
2014-04-17HKIRC Announces Fifth Top 10 .hk Website Competition Results
2014-04-02The APWG Counter eCrime Operations Summit Assembles Cybercrime Fighters in Hong Kong with HKIRC to Plan Global Agenda Hong Kong Internet Registration Corporation to discuss cyber-attacks and counter-measures
2014-01-15HKIRC Launches .hk LOCK
Better protection for .hk websites as the Internet becomes less secure
2013-12-12HKIRC Announces the “Top 10 .hk Website Competition 2013”
New award added this year to take the Competition to new heights
2013-05-23HKDNR Launches Free Minisite Service
Enabling customers to set up simple .hk websites
Fully leverage Internet resources to strengthen online communications
2013-04-18HKIRC Announces Winners of Fourth Top Ten .hk Website Competition
Hong Kong websites make good use of social media and are more accessible to the disadvantaged
2013-04-05The first industry consortium formed to launch “goIPv6” service
Hong Kong’s first free IPv6 service facilitates Internet’s development
2013-01-302012 “Top 10 .hk Website Competition”
Vote for the best websites for a chance to win iPad mini and other exciting prizes
2012-11-22HKIRC “Top 10 .hk Website Competition 2012” Calls for Entries
New Categories “Government Departments” and “LegCo Members” to Encourage
Better Communication through Websites
2012-08-22HKIRC “2012 Digital Marketplace – Creating New Online Business Frontiers” Seminar
“.hk Website Utilisation Survey” results announced
Trends in diversified website uses revealed
Concern over the lack of support for mobile and “Web Care” elements
2012-07-18HKIRC Reduces Registrar Price for .香港 and .hk Domain Names by 20%
Enhanced Flexibility and Competitiveness of Registrars
2012-06-05“A Decade of Pride and Success” Domain Name Competition
Online Public Voting Now Open
2012-01-18HKIRC Announces Third Top Ten .hk Website Competition Results
Winning websites show creativity and “Web Care”
Significant Decline in .hk/.香港 Domain Name Phishing and Spamvertising Cases for 2011
2012-01-12Opening up of the new generic Top-Level Domain (gTLD)
Enabling More Creativity and Business Opportunities on the Internet
2011-11-10HKIRC’s 2011 Top 10 .hk Website Competition
Vote for your favourite .hk/.香港 websites and
gain the opportunity to win an iPad 2 and other exciting prizes
2011-10-20HKIRC’s 2011 Top 10 .hk Website Competition
Deadline for Entries Extended to 4 November
2011-09-23HKIRC Announces Top 10 ‘.hk’ Website Competition 2011
New ‘Web Care’ element in judging criteria to help bridge the digital divide in our society
2011-03-24HKIRC Officially Launches Full Chinese .香港 Domain Name
Encouraging Response during Soft Launch
Indicating Need for .香港 Domain in Hong Kong